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Brian Proud





Portland, Oregon

A Bit About Me

My painting career first began with a love of two things: theatre and Bob Ross.  Having dabbled for a time painting my own little happy trees, I became involved with a local community theatre near where I grew up in Littleton, Colorado.  I was asked to paint their sets and I was hooked.  

I attended the two year training program at Cobalt Studios in New York to learn how the pros did it, and afterwards was accepted as an apprentice to the United Scenic Artists union in New York City.  I quickly became a Journeyman and spent a few years in New York absorbing everything I could.  It was a wild ride and I was fortunate to work on several Broadway productions with Hudson Scenic Studios, and television shows with HBO, NBC, FOX and ABC - and I still benefit from the lessons I learned there.  

After that, life took me on a journey around the country painting for large regional theatres, universities, production companies, and opera - in Denver, Santa Fe, Memphis and Nashville.  When the universe surprised me with the big 2020 curveball, I quickly pivoted and began focusing on commercial artwork and private commissions.  

Now happily settled in Portland, Oregon with my husband and two feisty cats, I continue my work in commercial art, private commissions, and murals for businesses and private residences.  

Work Experience

Aug 2013 to Nov 2015
- Denver, CO

Denver Center Theatre Company - Scenic Artist

Summer 2015
- Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Opera - Charge Props Painter

Aug 2016 to Dec 2018
- Memphis, TN

University of Memphis Opera - Charge Scenic Artist

May 2019 to March 2020
- Nashville, TN

MadeFirst Production Company - Charge Scenic Artist

Clients and projects include Google, Hennessey, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Johnny Walker, and The Voice

March 2020 to Present
- Nashville, TN & Portland, OR

Freelance Art & Illustration

Clients include Impact Innovations/Design Group, The Clever Factory, and Albert & Hazel.  Products featured in Dollar General, Tractor Supply Co., and Walmart

2012 and 2013
- Brooklyn, NY

Boardwalk Empire (HBO) Seasons 3 & 4 - Scenic Artist

2011 to 2013
- Yonkers, NY

Hudson Scenic Studio - Scenic Artist

Projects include Matilda the Musical, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the 2013 Tony Awards

2012 and 2013
- Brooklyn, NY

The Following (FOX) Season 1 - Scenic Artist

2011 to 2013
- New York, NY

Multiple Productions under IATSA USA Local 829 

- Scenic Artist

Projects include Smash (NBC) Season 1, Zero Hour (ABC) Season 1, and Guilty (FOX) Pilot

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